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Imagine a career that gives you the power to define moments that matter to people, a career that has nothing typical about it and moreover a career that lets you unite the world. The tourism industry is a service based one; it relies heavily on human resources.The travel industry grows exponentially with specialized education; in fact it depends entirely on the quality individuals have to offer.
Tourism management programmes at the Thomas Cook Centre of Learning offers a unique combination of functional, managerial and theoretical study. This imbibes our students with a wide spread set of skills that will help then be the future torch bearers of the industry. Our industry based approach also helps our students meet all the requirements of the diverse tourism industry. At the Centre of Learning students will receive education in their future work environment. This will help enhance their supervisory and management skills and thus making them more employable.
Once you are certified by the Centre of Learning your scope as a professional will be limitless. You can apply your business knowledge and skills in the tourism industry. Communication and interpersonal skills will be your forte.You may manage a team or work independently. You will be equipped with option of entrepreneurship in the tourism industry. Not only will you be handling ticketing but also tour operations.

You will be a forerunner in all decisions that impact the industry. Above all you will determine the overall quality of the industry and ensure the sustainability, growth of the tourism industry.
Career Prospects
As an industry professional your prospects for a career will be wider than ever before.-

1.Tour Operations and Travel Agencies:

As a tour operator you may either set up your own travel agency. As an employee you may work as a Customer Sales Executive and sell the products in the market or design your own customized packages as a Product Designer. Other departments of employment in an agency such as Itinerary Planning, Sales and Marketing and Foreign Exchange are also open to you. If these are too ordinary for you there are many unconventional opportunities like:


The Aviation sector is also a good option for those who like to fly high. You may be employed in the Booking and Reservation Department, Sales and Marketing, Customer Service or even as Ground Staff for airlines.

3.A Career as a Travel Counsellor

A Travel Counsellor spends a good deal of his time in client servicing, ticketing and reservations . He provides complete guidance on travel. He ensures best value out of individual and group bookings. A Travel Counsellor also provides destination guidance and direction on accommodation, transport and costs. He must also handle all ticket and hotel reservations and arrange for travel insurance. Additional responsibilities include destination promotion, foreign exchange and selling of tour packages.

4.Other Avenues